Education the key to a Green Economy.

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The best new technologies and innovations will always need people to be aware of how to get the best from them. Explaining how energy efficient technology works and inspiring people to take their own steps toward reducing the carbon footprint of the building they work in, is an essential feature of a sustainable business. It is also one of the hidden benefits of operating a green business and is proven to be a great way of motivating employees.

Simple energy saving initiatives like;

  • Switching lights off

  • Only boiling the amount of water needed

  • Printing in black and white only and on both sides of a piece of paper

These are all basic examples of how we can reduce the resources we consume on a daily basis. Of course, this will help save your business money as well as your expenditure on office supplies, utility bills and ink cartridges.

These simple steps although small, taken on their own, all have an incremental effect that can lead to large gains in both the micro and macro economic environment.  To learn more about what Retrostructure can do to help unlock the potential of your employees have a look at our Employee Engagement page

Research into the macro economic environment and “green issues” really started to gain ground as a scientific subject that evolved from economic literature after the 1973 oil crisis. The British Institute of Energy Economics website holds further information and resources relating to energy supply in the United Kingdom.

Their remit is to bring together a different discipline of academic research, industry experience, financial data and government policy to exchange ideas and information. Another term often used in relation to sustainability issues is the green economy.

This is a system that encourages the use of green initiatives to improve human well-being and society. The goals of green economics include working toward zero carbon emissions through a sustainable society and economy that uses new technologies and renewable energy sources.

To understand the changes that you could make to your working environment that make business sense and help move you towards being a more sustainable business, get in touch with us at Retrostructure to chat about your requirements (01273) 358 534 or email


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