Employee and Tenant Engagement Programmes

No matter how much money your organisation spends on automating energy processes in a bid to reduce energy spend/CO2 emissions, the building users will inevitably continue to waste energy in one form or another! We have long recognised that installing controls is relatively simple but asking human beings to change their behaviour and mind-set is somewhat more difficult. We see the engagement of the tenants/occupants/employees of a building as key to maximising energy efficiency measures for the long term, as without their participation windows will still get left open whilst the heating is on…

As such, we have developed a unique Employee/Tenant Engagement Programme (EEP) to ensure that your users become energy aware and actively contribute to the common goal of energy efficiency.

Educating tenants on efficiency has been found to cut energy use by 5-15%1
Taking the average of 10%2 savings (as achieved by the UK Government in their Whitehall Buildings) on a notional monthly energy spend of £5,000, the savings quickly add up.


Beyond saving energy, there are wider reaching benefits to being more energy efficient that our programmes are designed to ‘tease’ out of the attendees such as:

  • Increased marketing potential for the organisation
  • Opportunity to stay ahead of the competition
  • Save money and reduce carbon emissions
  • Ensure any energy efficiency investments are fully maximised
  • Ensure longevity of savings/energy reduction measures
  • Raise status amongst clients
  • More success when tendering due to being able to demonstrate tangible energy awareness
  • Raise status amongst supply chain
  • Have a wider impact on society due to users being more energy aware at home and elsewhere

Contact us for an example schedule of one of our workshops and for further information.


source 1 : University of Oxford, 2006
source 2 : Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Study, Published 2011