Energy Assessments

Along with proactive monitoring, energy assessments provide the crucial data needed to successfully manage energy, control costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our approach and what you can expect:

Every building is operated differently and as such our energy efficiency consultants take the time to understand your business needs, how your building currently performs and identify the issues affecting operational/energy performance, as well as any occupancy comfort items.

From this information we will determine the correct level of assessment based on your requirements, any existing measures / planned changes as well as your business objectives (ie. Driven by: cost savings; CO2 reductions; requirement for a portfolio benchmark etc.).

We approach each building in the same way when specifying energy conservation measures, following a strict hierarchy:


Start by reducing your demand.

Make the existing more energy efficient.

Recommend heat recovery technology.

Advise on renewables.

All assessment reports provide:

  • Impartial advice
  • Realistic measures chosen based on merit
  • Market backed pricing
  • Simple language with clearly presented financial information
  • Action plan for immediate implementation
  • Knowledge drawn from experienced Energy Professionals.

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