Energy Assessment Options

Desktop Assessment
This entry-level building energy assessment is designed to offer a snapshot overview without the requirement for a site visit.  Using information collated by the client, one of our Building Energy Consultants analyses the data to then provide sensible advice on how to reduce energy without impacting on the occupancy comfort or normal business activities.
The energy efficiency measures/savings are tabled in a report and form the basis for further investigation.

Lite’ Walk-Through Assessment
This basic assessment includes an on-site energy audit that identifies no/low cost measures that can be implemented for an immediate to short-term payback.
Utility data is interrogated off-site to capture any anomalies in consumption for investigation during the on-site inspection.
The building fabric and services (lighting/heating/cooling/hot water etc.) are given a high-level inspection and all relevant energy conservation opportunities are detailed in a report, along with the corresponding payback calculations and CO2 reductions.
This report forms the basis of a financial case for implementation or further investigation.

Walk-Through Assessment
This mid-level assessment builds on the Level Two assessment to provide more in-depth detail on each of the items covered.  For example; the lighting survey is carried out on a room-by-room basis as opposed to by zone only.
The energy conservation opportunities identified throughout the building are more detailed and as such will include more medium term (payback) measures for consideration.
The energy efficiency measures/savings are tabled in a report, which forms the basis of a more substantial financial case for implementation or further investigation.

Comprehensive Assessment
This Investment Grade Audit is the most detailed assessment available and as such includes a comprehensive lighting survey, superior building services condition analysis, preliminary investigations into Capital Allowance and finance options as well as an outline of the recommended Measurement & Verification options available.
The energy conservation measures are presented in the form of three indicative schemes with detailed cost plans providing Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Present Value (NPV) calculations.  The three schemes aim to provide a payback of:
A) Less than 5 years
B) Less than 8-9 years and
C) Longer than 8 years.
This level of assessment also includes an outline framework of our Employee Engagement Programme to ensure our clients maximise their energy savings.

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