Welcome to our Resource Guide Section

We have written a number of useful Resource Guides on various aspects of making a non-residential building more energy efficient.
The guides are written in a clear and easy to read format and we’ve kept industry jargon down to the absolute minimum!

Most of the guides are around 5-7 pages long and all are designed to be read in 10-15 mins.

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10 areas - Want to be more energy efficient?
Building Hot Spots
Buildings and the Future
Carbon Footprint
Employee Engagement Programme
Energy Assessment Aide Memoire
Energy Assessments
Energy Control
Energy Management Strategy
Energy Measuring Devices
Five Es
Five Great Water Saving Ideas
Greener Business
HVAC Systems
Infrared Thermography
Managing Energy and Comfort
Natural and Artificial Light
People Power
Resource Efficiency
Retrostructure Resource Guide
Sick Buildings
Small Commercial Offices
Solar Energy
Sustainable Refurbishment
Thermal Performance