Retrofit Project Management

All buildings are different and that’s why our bespoke approach ensures we recognise what’s specific to you when it comes to energy-efficiency.

The Design Stage

Following an Energy Assessment, we’ll turn the chosen scheme of improvement ideas into a working design where external fabrics work in harmony with internal services. Our aim is to transform your building into being the most energy efficient possible whilst working within your budget constraints. Thanks to our team of experienced construction specialists and eco-architects, we deliver the most cost effective solutions.

The Retrofit Stage

We have a hands-on approach to work and like to keep it simple. A dedicated project manager will oversee your project from the assessment stage through to post-occupancy feedback and fully integrate with your staff to minimise disruption to your business. – We feel that this is an important part of effectively delivering our service.


Support: after the project has been successfully completed we’ll support you for a further three years to ensure you continue to realise energy savings. This continued level of customer support is unique to Retrostructure and something that we’re very proud to offer.

Our philosophy regarding renewables:
We will always reduce the demand and improve the efficiency of existing components before recommending renewable technologies are installed (unless instructed otherwise).

An analogy we use is one of a bucket with holes:
Regardless of how renewable the source of electricity is powering the pump that feeds water into the bucket, unless the holes are plugged, wastage of both electricity and water will still occur. Plug the holes, reduce the demand and you will lower operating costs, as well as reducing capital expenditure. If renewable technology is not suitable, we will not recommend it.

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