Executive Summary

There are opportunities to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions across the building and at the same time, improve occupancy comfort via various improvement measures to the fabric, heating, ventilation, lighting, office equipment and through employee engagement.

This report identifies the measures possible, details their benefits and presents the information in the form of three possible schemes.  Each scheme includes project costs as well as capital costs and allows for any non-compliance items to be rectified.  The three schemes are:

  • Scheme A – includes no cost/low cost items to bring immediate and short-term payback
  • Scheme B – includes the above and items with higher capital costs and short to medium-term payback
  • Scheme C – includes the above and other items with a medium to long-term payback

Scheme A delivers the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) with the largest savings coming from the introduction of basic lighting controls, employee engagement, Solar PV, window remedials and voltage optimisation.

It has an overall payback of 5 years and we therefore recommend this scheme be implemented to maximise overall energy savings from the lowest capital investment.

A summary comparison between the three schemes is provided in the table below:

Table summarising the annual Costs, Savings, & Carbon Reduction +  overall ROI for each scheme

Scheme Retrofit Cost £ Savings kWh savings Annual CO2e reduction tonnes/annum ROI
Scheme A £ 127,891.88 £ 22,677.35 321,425.49 154.72t 5 years
Scheme B £ 353,808.16 £ 32,207.23 598,698.04 235.63t 9 years
Scheme C £ 983,484.83 £ 49,997.21 1,060,944.56 369.78t 14 years

The cost of doing nothing is £ 1,889.78 per month or £ 22,677.35 per annum.


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