We recognise that every business and every building is unique. Within our team we have industry sector specialists who understand the needs of your individual business.
We know that gyms need to have good ventilation and cooling, that Schools and Colleges have tight budgets and a need to attract and retain students and that many warehouses are old and draughty.
Our experience in these and other sectors means we are ideally placed to advise you on the best ways of reducing your energy use, while adapting energy management strategies to your business needs.

Whether you’re a school, college, academy or university, the pressure to reduce energy spend has never been higher.  We have worked with a variety of school types and sizes from niche, special needs schools through to large academies to help them substantially reduce their energy bills and free up much needed cash for supplying essential services.
Alongside cost, carbon reduction commitments are a major driving factor in education facilities and as such we can advise you on the most effective way to achieve your targets.

Maintaining an engaging and pleasant environment is key to attracting and retaining students and staff and as such wherever possible, we look to improve the occupancy comfort and wellbeing within the building as part of our energy audit measures and building retrofit works.

Our approach encompasses all aspects of energy management with a focus on lighting, HVAC, AV, solar gain, comfort cooling and BMS/other controls.

Energy-efficient commercial buildings play a vital role in reducing an organisation’s overall operating costs and every unnecessary pound spent affects your bottom line.
You’ve probably looked at ways to save your business money; stationery, printing, even tea and coffee which will have had an impact and our services will highlight more substantial savings through:
Our building energy consultants carry out energy assessments to identify where you’re wasting energy, what the realistic improvement options are and present these with clear, concise financial calculations in order that you are confident of the payback when carrying out retrofit works.  We provide you with all the financial and carbon information you need to make a balanced and well-informed decision.
Let us show you how to reduce your demand, achieve your sustainability goals and be compliant with the raft of latest legislation.

Retail & Leisure:
We understand that these types of buildings and environments require more intense lighting and cooling than a typical non-domestic building.  Knowledge of the interaction between these and the fabric of the building is key to helping our clients reduce their energy consumption.
Our building energy consultants will identify the most appropriate opportunities to ensure there is no negative impact upon your business, but at the same time considerably reduce your energy spend. Click here to find out more about our energy assessments.

Draughty warehouses and leaking manufacturing facilities are all too common and our services are geared to helping you address your energy wastage.
Our building energy consultants will carry out energy assessments across your building(s) to identify all those areas where energy consumption can be reduced, without negatively impacting upon your business.

We are experts at:

  • Making your buildings perform better
  • Reducing your energy demand
  • Ensure you remain compliant with latest legislation
  • Helping you achieve your sustainability targets