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At Retrostructure we have a clear philosophy with regards to renewables where we’ll always look to reduce demand and improve existing components prior to recommending replacements. In a nutshell: if renewable technology is not suitable we will not recommend it.

With our philosophy in mind we’d like to bring to your attention some really interesting improvements in renewable technology with solar panelling, in particular, benefiting from some very promising advancements in power and efficiency. Read more…

Solar panels have become one of renewable technology’s great success stories with reliable and energy-efficient models providing more power within the same amount of space than previous generations.

Gone are the days of rigid, roof-mounted, units that were generally added to a building as an afterthought rather than being incorporated at construction phase. Modern technology has created flexible solar PV panels that are fast-replacing roofs, frontages and outward facing materials and producing the building’s most-important means of generating renewable power.  They are becoming smaller and more efficient (now up to 20.4% efficient compared to around 16% for a typical panel) which means they are suitable in areas with restricted space, where installation was not possible before.

The new generation of Solar PV combine anti-reflective glass and excellent low light performance with complete inverter compatibility which all adds up to a highly-efficient piece of kit that’s well-worth investing in.

But wait…

As per our Retrostructure philosophy, we maintain that although solar panels do have their place in making a property more energy-efficient there’s still a need to reduce demand rather than diving straight into purchasing mode.  It is tempting to think that an immediate replacement is the answer to saving costs and generating renewable energy however, this is not a one size fits all solution.

Every building is different and what may be right for some may not be right for others. If you have any questions related to solar PV, renewables or marrying the most appropriate technology with your building’s best interest, email: or call: 01273 358 534

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