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by Steph Marshall | on Nov 19, 2013 | No Comments

Take the Power back…

No matter what way you look at it, 2014 will be an interesting year for the big utility providers. Ofwat, the water regulator, has just thrown sand in the face of its energy counterpart Ofgen by halting Thames Water’s 8% proposed price hike in its tracks, and just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the National Grid is predicting the highest chances of winter black outs in a decade.

What can we do in the face of all this doom and gloom?

Well this old mantra springs to mind… ‘Turn up, tune in and opt out…’

The traditional barriers to alternative energy are coming down as fast as the price of oil is going up. (Not that it actually is, but that’s another story…)

You can pick up solar panels from Ikea now and the UK seems to have more windmills than Holland ever did.

So as the hedge-fund managers lick their wounds and before they catch a whiff of the solar powered gravy train, there really has never been a better time to get yourself an energy assessment. It’s time to shave a shoe size off your company’s carbon footprint.

But before you get the chequebook out, there’s always room for a little bit of housekeeping.

Here’s three ways of reducing energy for free…

  1. Turn it off – And we don’t mean put it on standby, devices with standby capabilities will do nothing more useful than a device which has been fully switched off and can cost you as much as 80% in energy as if were on… If in doubt switch it off at the plug. This applies equally to domestic and commercial energy bills.


  1. Turn it down – Every degree that your thermostat runs higher than is necessary costs up to 8% more on your fuel bills.


  1. Turn your hand to insulation. A professional solution will always be more effective, but there are simple ways to plug leaks and you wouldn’t believe how much heat you can lose through a single open window.


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